Important Succulentists
from the late Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Waldimer Mitich (1927 to 2000)
We introduce you to biographical sketches of some of the people that have dedicated their lives to the cactus and succulent plant world. They were botanists, naturalists, scientists, horticulturists, historians, journal writers, book authors, botanical illustrators, physicians looking for medical cures from plants, and people from many other professions. They paved the way to what we have at the present time -- our collective knowledge, our books and magazines, and the materials we grow. Some were dedicated to the description of botanical species as taxonomic botanists. For many the plants became a fascination explored in their leisure. Some made the study of succulent plants their profession. Others explored the wilds to find new plants for us to grow and enjoy. The biographies (some including images) touch mainly on the aspects of the lives and careers of people as relates to their contributions to the succulent plant world. Many made much wider contributions than has been included here, but we hope that for the interested succulentist, the biographies will provide a sufficient introduction to these personalities. The historical people material from the late Dr. Mitich comes from the Cactus and Succulent Journals (US) as they appeared in article format. He was the CSSA Historian from 1981 until his death in 2000, received the prestigious CSSA Fellow award in 1979 and was President of CSSA from 1996 until his death. A "Succulentist" is a person interested in succulent plants of any kind (including cacti).
The Cactus and Succulent Society of America was founded in 1929. The society is dedicated to the study, cultivation and propagation of cacti and succulent plants. The society has also been active in the goal of the dissemination of information and conservation of the plants world wide. Members enjoy a bi-monthly journal. Please visit our website at: